Epic NERF Challenge

Epic NERF Challenge
NERF Challenge is a groundbreaking live attraction that brings the action and competitive fun of the NERF brand into full focus via a 50,000 square foot, adrenaline pumping, action packed play experience.

Among the interactive activations set for the debut are:
• Dodge Blast – Partner up and storm a fortified position held by your friends using NERF blasters to score points on stationary targets all while avoiding a barrage of darts.
• The Arenas – Grab a blaster and take your team to victory in one of three custom themed 4,500 square foot NERF arenas: Urban Playground, Strange Cargo, and Blast Man Standing.
• Colossal Foosball – Enter a single plane of existence as you compete with your friends in a life-sized game of foosball.
• Wrecking Bowling – Bowling with a twist as you become a human wrecking ball with a single purpose: scoring the elusive strike!
• Try-athlon Ninja Style Circuit Course – The ultimate test of speed and agility, this soft play obstacle course is designed to put your athletic prowess to the test.
• High Energy Live Shows – Daily events will feature everything from demos and giveaways to audience participation contests and special surprise guests.

Tickets are officially on sale at www.NERFChallenge.com. To learn more about NERF Challenge and purchase tickets, please visit www.NERFChallenge.com and follow along on Facebook and Instagram at @NERFChallenge.

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Dec 7, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020
Every Day

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Event Deck at L.A. Live

Event Deck at L.A. Live

1005 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles California, 90015