Dynamic Floral Arranging with The Boy Who Cried Flowers

Dynamic Floral Arranging with The Boy Who Cried Flowers
Anthony Maslo, also known as The Boy Who Cried Flowers, has been adding his exuberant touch to floral installations throughout the Southland. A master of color and movement, Anthony’s keen eye for detail has led him to collaborations with many of LA’s top design firms, including The Flower Boy Project and Wild Flower Boom.

In this course, Anthony will lead students through an exploration of color and contrast. Learn how vibrant and bold hues can add energy and dynamism to any arrangement. Anthony will share some of his favorite color palettes as well as discus the popular trend of color enhancing or dying materials to add a definite punch to any creation. With Anthony’s guidance, each student will produce a stunning arrangement featuring some of his favorite blooms such as anthuriums, tulips, and of course, uniquely colored roses.

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Feb 9, 2019
11:00am - 1:00pm

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