American Contemporary Ballet Presents Astaire Dances III: LA's Most Romantic Valentine's Date

American Contemporary Ballet Presents Astaire Dances III: LA's Most Romantic Valentine's Date
This February, L.A. audiences can mark their dance cards for one of the most intoxicating evenings in the city: ACB’s annual valentine to one of the world’s best-known dancers – and to an unabashed nostalgia for a time when love was at once innocent and sophisticated, glamorous and giddy, and set to some of the best songs ever written.

Like the first two programs in ACB’s fan-favorite series, Astaire Dances III brings some of his most memorable big-screen numbers to life in step-by-step recreations to live music. “Astaire is thought of as the ultimate dancer, but he is also one of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century,” says ACB Artistic Director Lincoln Jones. “His dances are so musical, so clear in their intentions, it’s easy to forget how difficult that is to achieve. And following in his footsteps as a dancer is about as intimidating as it gets. Baryshnikov said, ‘No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.’ We’re reminded of that every day.”

The series’ newest program includes Astaire’s dances to Cole Porter’s “All Of You” and “Night and Day,” as well as Gershwin’s “You Can’t Take That Away From Me” and Johnny Mercer’s “Something’s Gotta Give.” The show also includes a new ballet by Jones inspired by Astaire's work.

“I can’t think of a more romantic Valentine’s date than watching these dances,” says ACB Executive Director Theresa Farrell. “Who doesn’t want to feel that we could still be swept off our feet and whisked away to a place where you and your partner are the only two people in the world – except for an orchestra and waiters with trays of champagne, of course! You can’t walk away from this show without your heart and your step feeling lighter than air.”

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Feb 1 - Feb 16, 2020
Every Day
8:00pm - 9:00pm

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