ACB Presents Variations on Raymonda

ACB Presents Variations on Raymonda
Great masterpieces of painting, sculpture, and architecture are restored to their original majesty by careful recreation or meticulous clearing of the layers with which time obscures their beauty.

This seldom happens with masterpieces of dance. But this June, ACB presents a rare opportunity to see choreography from Raymonda, a towering beauty of ballet's past. Until now, the original steps have been lost to history; but when ACB restores them in a contemporary setting, Raymonda’s timeless power becomes even more striking.

The program also includes excerpts from Raymonda Variations, Balanchine's ballet to the same music. Balanchine danced in the original production of Raymonda as a student and liked the music so much that he choreographed four ballets to it. ACB Artistic Director Lincoln Jones will reveal how this great ballet’s legacy influenced Balanchine with a side-by-side comparison of choreography in a talk accompanying the performance. Followed by artist reception with live music.

Photo Credit: Victor Demarchelier

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Jun 6 - Jun 16, 2019
Every Week on Sunday - Saturday

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California Market Center

California Market Center

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