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Grand Performances –
come out for the last weekend!

350 S. Grand Ave. (map & directions)
It's your last chance to enjoy Grand Performances, one of the foremost FREE concert series in LA for over 20 years, reflecting the best of global culture.

Matthew Stoneman
Friday, August 27 @ 12pm
An incredible voice. A fascinating story. Matthew (Mateo) Stoneman's pure tenor voice, singing classic Spanish-language boleros, will steal your heart. More »

Paul Zaloom
Friday, August 27 @ 8pm
This Grand Performances-commissioned work features a cast drawn from the vast collection of knick knacks, brick-a-brac, and plain old junk that fills Zaloom's workshop, plus work from his current repertoire. More »
Mature content. This show is not designed for children.

Turtle Island Quartet
Saturday, August 28 @ 8pm
Since 1985, Turtle Island Quartet’s fusion of the classical aesthetic with contemporary American musical styles has produced highly innovative music. This evening’s program features an homage to Jimi Hendrix. More »

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