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Grand Performances: 25th Season
FREE Summer Performances

Grand Performances is proud to present the 25th season of free outdoor concerts and performing arts at California Plaza in Downtown LA, with a full program of music and entertainment that reflects the best of global culture and inspires community among the diverse peoples of LA.

July Performances:

  7/07 - 8:00pm
7/08 - 12:00pm
7/08 - 8:00pm
7/09 - 7:30pm
7/15 - 12:00pm
7/15 - 8:00pm
7/16 - 8:00pm
7/21 - 8:00pm

7/22 - 12:00pm
7/22 - 8:00pm

7/23 - 8:00pm

7/29 - 12:00pm
7/29 - 8:00pm

7/30 - 8:00pm
  Diavolo and Noruz (MMM)
Mr. Little Jeans
Diavolo and Noruz (MMM)
One Night, One World, One Stage
Los Angeles Electric 8
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80
Baloji and Tasneem
Traveling Pickle Factory with
Rabbi Shmuel Marcus
Meklit Hadero
Fania Records' Africa Caribe by
Joaquin "Joe" Claussell
Celebrating the Community Band:
An Evening of Arkestry
Shoghaken Ensemble
Blitz the Ambassador and Malverde with
Maleco Collective
Shoghaken Ensemble and Tigran

For more information and the complete schedule of events, visit

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