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The Hottest Neighborhood to Know in LA Right Now

New York Post | 7.12.2016

Few neighborhoods better represent Los Angeles’ newfound commercial and cultural vibrancy quite like its historic downtown. Anchored by the Staples Center and set a few miles east of the Sunset Strip, this once-forgotten district has had a cool, stylish makeover — with new hotels, shopping, restaurants and cultural spots.

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How A Group Of Diverse Entrepreneurs Are Shaping The Tech Ecosystem In DTLA

Huffington Post | 4.19.2016

Downtown LA is now attracting a younger Millennial generation wanting to skip the long commute down to the beach and opting for a bustling city experience where they can live and work.

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7 Can’t-Miss Art Galleries in Downtown Los Angeles

Architectural Digest | 3.14.2016

These are the contemporary art galleries defining the L.A. art scene—and its neighborhood.

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Architecture Is Rising Star In Downtown L.A.

Huffington Post | 3.28.2016

L.A.’s historic core has been undergoing significant preservation efforts at the same time that important new buildings are being constructed, so there is a lot to see for anyone interested in architecture.

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