The Sanctity of Desire

The Sanctity of Desire
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is pleased to present The Sanctity of Desire, a solo exhibition by Venice, Italy based painter Saturno Butto (b. 1957, Venice, Italy).

This exhibition is a retrospective, containing works from the past two decades until the present. To examine Butto’s oeuvre is to examine the inner workings of desire, a common thread woven throughout all his work. Saturno Butto expresses this fixation on desire by juxtaposing that which seems opposite from each other- sanctity and sexuality, darkness and light, ancient and modern, etc. It is within the tension of opposing forces that desire reveals itself. In a style which reminds the viewer of the great masters, Butto revives European sacred art of past centuries and brings it to the modern eye. “I love to mix things; sacred and profane.  Fetish and sadomasochist iconographies mean something going beyond erotic-sexual definition,” says Butto. Wood painted figurative rituals, tableaux vivants, and neo-Gothic altarpieces are the skillful creations with which Butto extracts his fascinating mysteries of an "obscure, dark religion." His uncensored interpretations of sacred art combined with his sexual motifs “get to the root, to the source, to the first and essential reason of the things in the world,” according to curator Franco Savadori.

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Oct 12, 2019
6:00pm - 9:00pm

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