Reggae Vibes with C-Money (Slightly Stoopid) & The Players Inc. + The B Foundation

Reggae Vibes with C-Money (Slightly Stoopid) & The Players Inc. + The B Foundation
Reggae Vibes with C-Money & The Player's Inc. + The B-Foundation

Thursday, August 15th in The Mayfair Hotel Library Bar
9 PM - 2 AM // 21+
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The Player's Inc was formed in 2004 by trumpeter of John Brown's Body,10ft Ganja Plant and former member of Slightly Stoopid.

There is no room for the middle stance. You choose sides, and you play on your team. He is either the greatest living musician or he is just a cool dude. He is handsome and a wonderful individual or he is ugly and a drag. His trumpet prowess is getting greater every day or his scope is becoming more and more limited.

Any current live music discussion can be enlivened by dropping in the magic name – C-Money.

Yet these arguments can be mystifying in the frequency with which the opponents switch positions. A musician in a conversation with fellow workers is likely to blast C-Money. The same musician discussing C-Money with his dinner host and hostess may change tunes in the middle of the chorus and sing nothing but the highest praise for the trumpeter.

Unaware of the chain of events they were beginning, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Welter, on August 13, 1979 in Hendersonville, NC, named their first and only son, Christofer Kaye Welter. The family then broke apart and Christofer went to live with his father in Central Florida. It was here that Chris picked up the trumpet in Stan Lawson’s Middle School Band. Stan Lawson was an “old school” educator that majored in French Horn and minored in Trumpet. He gave Christofer the fundamental brass teaching that helped him develop his signature tone. Only his immediate attraction to the horn gave an indication of the mastery of the instrument he would later achieve. Even his family will admit that in the beginning, the growing pains were considerable and C-Money was no instant threat to any trumpet player. Being one for excitement, the young lad found himself being entangled in an ever-growing gang presence and trouble was on the horizon. This is where the moniker, C-Money got it’s start. Thank goodness his father, Bill Welter, had the foresight to see the writing on the wall and re-located his family to Elkhorn, WI. As shocking as this was to young C, this is what saved him and got him back on track to studying music. He attended the UW-Whitewater for his freshman year as a Music Education major before dropping out when John Brown’s Body came calling.

Lee Hamilton is C-Money’s cousin through marriage. He is an original and founding member (saxophone) of the Ithaca, NY/Boston, MA based reggae group, John Brown’s Body (JBB). Lee Hamilton and JBB convinced both C-Money and his father that he was ready to tour. They needed a trumpeter to replace the amazing Paul Merrell for their section and C-Money happened to be ready for a change. Filling those shoes was NO easy task for this underdeveloped musician. They came and scooped him up on the way out to a west coast tour and at 18, C-Money’s professional career in music began. He moved to Ithaca and then to Boston. Any musician who knows what’s up will tell you JBB is a heavy force who has held in it’s line-up a very impressive list of musicians. Real Players. C-Money cut his teeth in this outfit. They continue to tour and release very influential albums.

The same Lee Hamilton who invited him to join JBB, who encouraged him to come to Boston and study trumpet, now sternly advised him to continue to grow musically and that is where he started studying piano and keyboards more.

C-Money underwent the usual influences. His first idol was Louis Armstrong. Then the obsession with Miles Davis took a hold of him like the drugs the legend did himself. It was in Miles Davis that C-Money found the style and voice he was listening for.

C-Money made his debut as leader in 2004. Jason Waddleton, founder of Pub Records, heard a recording C-Money made for his family one year for Christmas and he loved what he heard. “Ah mate, we got to get ya in here with this” and so The Player’s Inc was born. The first performances were a mixture of the original line up; Tommy Benedetti, drums, Johnny Trama, guitar, Timo Shanko, bass, and DJ Axel Foley, turntables; and the first touring lineup; Nikki Glaspie, drums, David Bailis, guitar, and Nate Edgar, bass. The high musical caliber of these units was captured on the live album “The Rebirth of Hip-Hop” (pub records 2004), recorded at Matt Murphy’s Pub in Brookline, MA. Musical pre-eminence, however, was not enough to salvage this experimental group. The gig folded after 2 historic years, and the groups disbanded, it’s members spreading their messages on separate paths.

C-Money then joined the band Slightly Stoopid in 2006. He packed his bags and moved west to San Diego, CA. The band is a spin off of the multi-platinum group Sublime. It’s founding members hung out with the late Brad Knowels as kids. The mystique of Sublime has created a place in American culture by combining Punk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, and Blues into a sound that is very unique to say the least and Slightly Stoopid carried this torch and still does to this day. The band tours over 250 days a year and stays making albums too. C-Money made his recording debut with Slightly Stoopid on the album Chronchitis (2007 Stoopid Records). He play’s all trumpets, back-up vocals, and keyboards on all the tracks, and even keyboard bass on 7 tracks. He also recorded 2 more albums (Slightly Not Stoned Enough For Breakfast Yet Stoopid” 2008 and “Top Of The World” 2012) with the band before leaving in December of 2013.

C-Money then passed into comparative musical obscurity. For a while sadness and depression plagued him following losing his job with Slightly Stoopid and after the sudden death of his best friend, his father Bill Welter in early 2014. Financial difficulties mounted as well and musical appreciation and satisfaction made a sharp and rapid decline. This bleak pattern was brightened only by the birth of his daughter Rose in December of 2013, his wife Angelica’s support, his bands loyalty, and a very crucial and important connection made with fellow musician and night club manager, Vincenzo Thomas Amato.

Vincenzo not only revived the modern live music scene in downtown LA, he continues to record and perform his original music and connect the dots and put key players together. They formed the acoustic band V/C/R with other fellow musician Rod Castro. The group has a regular Tuesday night gig at Salvage, Vincenzo’s club in DTLA.

His current west coast line-up is Joao Souza (drums) Pele Pellmark (guitar/bass) and Jay O'keefe (guitar). C-Money occasionally features the female vocalist Jana Lish on select dates. He is in the studio as well working on much new music for release next year.

In 2016 there will come to establish a new sound in music, a new school of trumpeters, a new concept in communication in music. People will begin again listening for the familiar characteristics and searching for their source. Re-Enter C-Money; rediscovered, a new star as he stands on the pinnacle of his musical career, also standing simultaneously at the nadir of society.

This is organic chemistry at it’s most sublime.

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Aug 15, 2019
9:00pm - 2:00am

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