Grand Park Día de los Muertos Altars + Art Installations

Grand Park Día de los Muertos Altars + Art Installations
Día de los Muertos—Day of the Dead—is a celebration and remembrance of those who have passed away. The annual remembrance takes place on November 2, 2019. At Grand Park, the holiday is celebrated as an extended free festivity with a large scale nine-day art installation that begins with Noche de Ofrenda or Night of the Offerings (or Altars).

Taken together, the altars, curated by Self Help Graphics, and art pieces organized by Lore Media and Arts, paint a picture of topics and people that are highly relevant to Los Angeles’ diverse communities. Grand Park’s Downtown Día de los Muertos is a community-oriented space inviting park-goers to contribute to the community altar, ideated by artist and educator Ofelia Esparza, a 2018 NEA National Heritage Fellow; both she and her family continue to be instrumental in preserving and conserving Día de los Muertos in Los Angeles.

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Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2019
Every Day

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