Art Share L.A.- Future is Now Exhibtion

Art Share L.A.- Future is Now Exhibtion
Time is a continuously moving construct, and with that movement comes great change. Whether we are headed for enlightenment and progress, or chaos and destruction, we move steadily forward along its mighty pull.

Art Share LA’s “The Future is Now” poses the question: What then, does our future look like? Artists are encouraged to use their foresight to submit work that shows us a glimpse of our many possible futures. Will it be a warning? A call to action? A celebration of ingenuity? The choice is yours, show us what the future for you, Los Angeles, or the world holds.

Exhibition runs from July 26 - September 1
Opening Night July 27th @ 7-10PM

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Jul 27 - Sep 1, 2019
Every Day
1:00pm - 10:00pm

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