Arrington de Dionyso Artist Talk and Musical Performance

Arrington de Dionyso Artist Talk and Musical Performance
pskaufman... gallery is pleased to announce, an artist talk and musical performance with Arrington De Dionyso in conjuncture with his show THE EMERGENCY LABYRINTH. THE EMERGENCY LABYRINTH is a 45 foot long sumi ink drawing created over one month while the artist was in-residence at The Lookout Arts Quarry in Northern Washington State. It also features a 27 minute stop-frame animation documenting every single brush stroke in its creation.
Arrington de Dionyso is an artist, musician and activist based in Olympia, Washington. Founder of the bands Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, and This Saxophone Kills Fascists, he is a fierce advocate for music and art as cultural diplomacy, spearheading a variety of projects connecting artists and musicians from Indonesia, Morocco, and Siberia with the rest of the world. Featured on album covers and concert posters since the mid 1990's, his mytho-poetic visual art has also created quite the splash- ranging from accolades in the fashion world after collaborating with Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent Paris in 2015, to death threats and derision from the Far Right attempting to implicate his work in the debunked "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory in 2016. Evoking the ancient trance rituals of his namesake, his work is a "war cry for indestructible life"!

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Jan 12, 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm

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