Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra
Just in time for Valentine’s Day: You don’t have to be a teenager to be crazy in love! Shakespeare’s “Antony & Cleopatra” explores the passion and politics of two seasoned lovers who risk the world for a kiss! Marc Antony, one of the three “pillars of the world” now ruling the Roman Empire, leaves his wife, family, honor, and duty for Cleopatra. “Let Rome in Tiber melt!…. In the East, my pleasure lies!”

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, already has had Pompey and Julius Caesar as lovers before she “nodded” Antony to her on a golden barge. Now her “oblivion is a very Antony.”

Shakespeare’s “Antony & Cleopatra” explores love, lust, celebrity, honor, and duty in scandalous dynamics that could have been ripped from the headlines of a Roman (or Elizabethan) National Enquirer!

See what Shakespeare has to say about power, politics, and sex on SUNDAY FEB 10 at 3pm for a staged reading of ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, starring Joely Fisher, Harry Hamlin, Tony Amendola, Michele Green, and Jamison Jones.

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Feb 10, 2019

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The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

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