Animal Soul

Animal Soul
Artist Jason Hackenwerth transforms common materials into a spectacle to be experienced. His medium of choice is the latex balloon, inflating hundreds at a time and stringing them together in unusual forms and pre-determined color patterns to create sculptures resembling animals, insects, aliens, or other colorful products of your imagination. His playful works have been exhibited internationally at a number of famous institutions and fairs including the Guggenheim, Scotland Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Venice Biennale, and Art Basel, Miami.

For the installation Animal Soul, Arts Brookfield has commissioned Hackenwerth to create three large-scale, internally lit, inflated sculptures based on his famous balloon designs. These sculptures tower over the viewer at 20 to 30 feet high and will be on view for nine days in downtown LA this Summer. Hackenwerth will also create two wearable sculptures made entirely of sewn balloons. These sculptures double as costumes and come to life when donned by dancers that navigate our ordinary world in their brightly hued balloon skin.

Animal Soul will sweep you into a fantastical world of giant, colorful, friendly creatures inspired as much by the magical, light-hearted persona of balloons as by the otherworldly creatures that exist within every imagination. Experience this installation from July 14 – July 22, 12 – 10 pm daily at FIGat7th and Wells Fargo Center in downtown Los Angeles and let your creativity run wild!

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Jul 14 - Jul 22, 2017
Every Day
12:00pm - 10:00pm

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FIGat7th & Wells Fargo Center

FIGat7th & Wells Fargo Center

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