Andrew Frieder: Prints

Andrew Frieder: Prints
Andrew Frieder: Prints
January 20 – March 11, 2018
Reception: January 20, 7-10pm
The Good Luck Gallery is pleased to present Andrew Frieder: Prints, opening January 20. The quintessential visionary artist, Andrew Frieder (1959-2014) was an obsessive maker, inventor, and writer in the tradition of such polymath self-taught artists as Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Henry Darger, and Mr. Imagination (Gregory Warmack).

Relentlessly creating and utilizing a diversity of found materials, Frieder’s home in Lancaster, California served as his living studio. Rubbings covered the hallways, preliminary sketches papered the kitchen cabinets, and countless hand-forged tools, converted sewing machines, and modified furniture filled his brimming space; Frieder’s writing included personal accounts, critical essays, and several completed novels that he would eventually destroy.

A familiar figure in Lancaster during his lifetime, it wasn’t until after Frieder’s death at the age of 55 that the full extent of his vast art practice was discovered. In the second solo exhibition of Frieder’s work with The Good Luck Gallery, the artist’s extensive collection of wood block prints will be featured, inspired in part by the 2016 Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) exhibition Andrew Frieder: From Spirit to Discovery.

In an extravagant salon style installation in accordance with Frieder’s wishes, the exhibition will emphasize egalitarian accessibility - a cornerstone of Frieder’s personal ideology - alongside more significant historical contributions. Created using a painstaking multi-layered method of his own design, Frieder’s engrossing prints plunge from mythical animal-human hybrids to his characteristic religious iconography. Imbued with a stark physicality, Frieder’s work culminates in a series of dynamic masks founded on anthropomorphic Rorschach inkblots.

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