Welcome To Dinetown LA

Downtown LA is packed with buzzy, in-the-moment restaurants, classic fine dining destinations, and comfortable staples. From long-time veteran restaurateurs and flashy celebrity chefs to their more modest tradesmen neighbors, DTLA has attracted a wide range of culinary leaders enticed by the opportunity to push epicurean boundaries and explore new concepts in one of the most interesting dining destinations on the Best Coast.

Have a look at five of Downtown LA's most notable and nosh-able. 

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Refreshing Drinks You Need to Try Before Summer Ends

​Summer is the perfect excuse to get together with loved ones, to relax on DTLA rooftops, and to make happy hours a part of your weekly routine. What's better than enjoying summer nights out to dinner with the family, daytime rooftop parties with friends, or casual patio happy hours with coworkers? Summer cocktails...that's what. Top-notch, handcrafted refreshments make any summer experience that much more enjoyable, am I right? Labor Day will soon come and go, but we'll hold onto that summer feeling (and that summer heat) just a little while longer. Here are a handful of cocktails in DTLA to try before summer officially comes to a close. Cheers!

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#DTLASummer Photo Contest

Summer is in full swing, and with that brings family, friends, fun and…PHOTOS! We've got you covered with your DTLA Guide to Everything Summer and we're heating up with our #DTLASummer Photo Contest! We want to see how you're enjoying the summer sun and cool fun in DTLA.

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Going Somewhere? Staycation in DTLA

A staycation, for those who've never taken one, is a vacation you enjoy in your very own city. A staycation has two rules: no work...and no chores. It's your chance to try out that new restaurant down the street, take a stroll under the stars, and may even be an opportunity to fall in love all over again with the neighborhood you call home. Join me while I explore four staycation destinations here in Downtown LA.

Image by @zorymory

Hotel Figueroa opened in 1926 by YWCA, and became a hotel just three years later. In 1976, it was given a Moroccan makeover after years of being a residential hotel for tourists on a budget. The hotel has recently re-emerged from a two-year restoration inspired by its original 1926 Spanish Colonial splendor. Once you step inside, you'll discover locally sourced art, and an iconic coffin-shaped pool within a botanical hideaway. With an emphasis on natural light, the building was redesigned featuring white walls, wood floors and exposed wooden beams. Feel like splurging? Make sure to book one of their suites, which I've heard one of them has a hidden passageway that leads to an event space. For the foodies, make sure to experience Breva and Veranda. After dinner, visit Rick's for a lively neighborhood vibe complete with coastal and tropical-inspired cocktails.

Book your staycation with their Forever Summer special! 

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5 Sweet Treats to Keep You Cool This Summer in DTLA

​Summer is officially here...and with it come all of the sweet treats. While these confections are certainly available all year long, the summer season is the prime time to visit these dessert destinations. So, before you get lost in the freezer aisle of the grocery store and stock up on generic pints and popsicle sticks, plan to visit one, three or all five of the following locations to indulge in their sweet treats that will keep you cool this summer in DTLA.

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