A Canine Louvre

dOGUMENTA is produced by Arts Brookfield and sponsored by Nature's Recipe. It runs September 14-16, 2018 and September 21-23, 2018 (11am - 6 pm) at FIGat7th on the Upper Plaza, 735 S. Figueroa Street. It's free, but reserving a ticket is strongly encouraged and guarantees entry, but walk-ins are welcome. For tickets and more info: Click Here

Get your leash ready and tell your pooch you're going to an art show ... for them. There are 9 art installations altogether designed specifically for our four-legged friends, where they are free to roam and explore at will. Also, both Sundays will have mobile dog adoption with LA Animal Services until 3 pm and trainers from the Los Angeles Positive Dog Trainer Alliance onsite each day of the exhibition for support.

Each one of the stops are meant for interactions, exploration and of course for adorable photo ops. Each of the installations are numbered as you go.

1. Any Dog Can Be a Guide Dog if You Don't Care Where You're Going by Tibi Tibi Neuspiel
This is a sculpture in the shape of a dog made from found dog toys and other interesting objects.

Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/AP Images for Nature's Recipe

2. Monument to the Birth of Dogs Through Their Friendship with Humans by Alex Sheriff
This form references ancient temple forms to celebrate the iconic friendship between humans and dogs.

3. Pig Totem by Tucker Marder
A totemic wooden pole worn smooth by pigs living on an east coast farm and has a swine scent your dog should enjoy.

4. kingKONG by Joshua Levine
Referencing an oversized version of the iconic Kong dog toy with a cache of Nature's Recipe kibble at the base.


5. Os by Sabrina Clouden and Gali Basel
Fashioned as an elegant living room for dogs and imagines pups as collectors of bones, of course.

Photo credit: Jordan Strauss/AP Images for Nature's Recipe

6. I Am Unconditional (Panel 1) and What Am I Thinking? (Panel 2), Ruben Rojas
A two-sided, pup-sized wall mural: One side has "I Am..." to honor our canines as living examples of unconditional love; the other suggests some of our pups' deep thoughts.

7. The Canis Rune by Gary Lockwood aka Freehand Profit
A three part monument carved with images of various breeds that can be manipulated by pushing or pulling the handles, an action that mirrors the push-pull of canine-human co-evolution across millennia.

8. Those We Let In by Janne Larsen
This work incorporates paw prints of pups from No Kill LA animal shelter (both adopted and waiting to be) rendered in fired clay and hung on three gates.

9. Fuel the Wag by Meena Khalili
A photo station where the artist imagines a fantasy road trip with your dog in the driver's seat.