Safe & Clean

The DCBID's Safe & Clean team is committed to assisting those who work, live, and play within the District. Team members are highly visible in their purple shirts and provide 24-hour supplemental services to maintain safety, cleanliness, and hospitality within the District. All team members are provided enhanced training to ensure that your time spent in the Downtown area is memorable and safe. 

Safety Team

While in the District, you may come across our District Safety team members. They are employees of Allied Universal and have training that ranges from enhanced customer service to assist those in need and much more. They serve as additional eyes and ears for all local law enforcement and city entities. When called upon, they also provide safety services during various significant events.

Need Assistance? 

Contact us for 24-hour response to Safety and Maintenance concerns. 

DCBID Service Center
(213) 624-2425
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BID Alerts

Sign up to receive important notices from our Safe & Clean team including street closures, traffic impacts, and safety warnings.


Clean Team

The men and women of our Clean Team help maintain the cleanliness of sidewalks and public areas within the District. Team members are also tasked with maintaining approximately 200 trash receptacles provided by the DCBID. The Clean team crew members are contracted through Chrysalis, a non-profit program offering transitional employment opportunities to formerly homeless or economically disadvantaged individuals.

Downtown Guides

Our Downtown Guides are equipped with maps and other useful materials like brochures, directories, and more. When they're not assisting visitors and residents, our Downtown Guides are busy saying hello to District businesses in their area and, at all times, serve as extra eyes and ears when it comes to your safety on the street. The Downtown Guides are directly connected with the DCBID Service Center through walkie-talkies, enabling them to instantly report any incidents or safety issues.

If you need information before coming to Downtown LA, call or email the Downtown Guides. 

Downtown Guides
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Vistors Guide to Safety

Follow these common tips to help maintain your personal safety:

  • Pay attention, stay alert, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry your purse in front of you and close to your body. Try not to carry more than you can handle.
  • Never flash your cash or credit cards.
  • Remove your convention badges outside of the meeting site.
  • Walk in well-traveled and well-lit places, especially at night.
  • Always lock your car and store all items out of sight, including spare change and cell phones.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the Purple Patrol or LAPD.