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Finding Yourself in Los Angeles

NY Times | 7.23.2018

Downtown Los Angeles, or “DTLA,” as it is now referred to in real estate literature, is an uncanny place. Walking around, I was constantly plagued by a feeling of déjà vu, perhaps because, as Thom Anderson points out in his documentary “Los Angeles Plays Itself,” this downtown has stood in for so many other downtowns on the silver screen that it has become a kind of everyplace.

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The Best New Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles

Wall Street Journal | 6.21.2018

About two decades ago, downtown Los Angeles was gritty and worn out. But between 1999 and 2015, $24 billion was invested in the neighborhood, and the area blossomed: More than 700 businesses moved in, the Arts District came alive and a luxury housing construction boom followed. Now the trendy hotels are arriving.

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Downtown Projects Win Architecture Awards

LA Downtown News | 6.14.2018

The Los Angeles Business Council named its annual Architectural Awards winners this month, and 11 projects in Downtown Los Angeles were among the 54 honored. 

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Taking a Green Rental Bike through DTLA? A Tipsheet for First-Timers

LA Times | 4.10.2018

A bike tour of downtown Los Angeles — or DTLA — is a breezy way to skirt congestion and see city sights up close. The affordable green Metro bikes can be found in racks every few blocks, and are placed at such hot spots as Union Station and Grand Central Market. Zig-zag your way through the booming Arts District or pedal to the museums up the hill.

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Figueroa, Finally. Here's What 10 years and $20 million Can Do For 4 miles of Street

KPCC | 4.9.2018

A $20 million project to remake a four-mile stretch of Figueroa Street with better access for walkers, bikers and transit is nearing completion after 10 years of planning and setbacks...The My Figueroa project area runs from 7th Street in the heart of downtown south to Exposition Park, covering short portions of 11th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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Downtown LA is a hotbed of great new hotel design

Top Hotel News | 3.29.2018

Downtown LA is becoming a hub of arts, culture and hospitality. With over 8,000 new hotel rooms planned in the area across a number of big name brands, lifestyle hotels and boutique accommodation, the scene in DTLA is certainly sizzling.

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The most exciting construction project in LA right now is the Regional Connector

Curbed LA | 2.27.2018

It’s the most important construction project in LA right now, and it is not a building. It’s a gargantuan subterranean structure that stretches 1.9 miles from Little Tokyo to the Financial District. When complete, it will provide a one-seat ride from Santa Monica to East LA, another from Long Beach to Azuza. That’s a distance of almost 40 miles, north to south, east to west, on one fare.

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The Booming Business of ‘Experiences’

LA Downtown News | 1.9.2018

Last year, Downtown Los Angeles emerged as the place for massive themed installations of colorful designs and pop art. Interactive and full of opportunities to snag perfect photos to post on social media, the displays drew hundreds of thousands of visitors to stand in line and pose.  

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Fifteen Years in the Making, How Downtown L.A. Finally Arrived

Bloomberg | 1.5.2018

The emergence of Downtown Los Angeles, dubbed DTLA, is no news flash: The area has been on the rise since the late 1990s. But that was the start of a long uphill climb. By 2009, it had already undergone the transition from bleak badlands to vibrant cultural mecca, thanks to early pioneers like the L.A. Live entertainment complex and the Standard Hotel.  

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Downtown Los Angeles Is America's Most Colorful Neighborhood

Forbes | 4.28.2017

For those who love navigating cities by foot, New York will always be America's main option. Los Angeles, despite being the densest urban area, never achieved this walkability, thanks to government efforts to socially engineer sprawl. But one Los Angeles neighborhood, at least, offers something more colorful--and arguably better--than anything else in the U.S. It is the city's downtown area, better known here to locals as "DTLA."

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