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ArtCenter to Take Over Downtown L.A. Space of the Abruptly Shut Main Museum

LA Times | 5.2.2019

ArtCenter College of Design is perhaps best known for its tucked-away location in the arroyo on the eastern fringes of Pasadena. But when the school was first opened by Edward “Tink” Adams in 1930, it resided in the heart of Los Angeles, in a warren of courtyard buildings on West 7th Street near MacArthur Park. Now ArtCenter is making an L.A. comeback.

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Cultural Heritage Commission Approves Making LA’s Grand Central Market A Historic-Cultural Monument

Bisnow | 4.25.2019

Los Angeles' Grand Central Market and Million Dollar Theater are one step closer to being considered a city historic-cultural monument and owner Langdon Street Capital is embracing the decision. The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission last week unanimously recommended placing the more than 100-year-old buildings that have been a staple in the city's downtown landscape on the city’s list of historic landmarks. 

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Why L.A.’s Arts District Is the New Place to Stay

Vogue | 4.11.2019

By now it’s a classic, almost-cliche tale of urban revitalization: artists seeking dirt cheap studio spaces descend on a post-industrial, less-frequented part of town. They open a few galleries, a book store, a coffee shop. Then a groundbreaking new restaurant opens. Bam! Suddenly that under-the-radar, grimy stretch of warehouses is one of the coolest neighborhoods in town. 

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Can You Keep These 10 Downtown Los Angeles Hidden Gems a Secret?

Fodor's | 3.23.2019

Downtown Los Angeles is an ever-changing landscape that can amaze, shock, delight, and confound. Amidst the sparkling high-rises and award-winning restaurants is a hidden world with a crazy past and a weird and wonderful present. From prohibition-era bootleggers and serial killers to underground shows and tucked-away street art, every corner of this metropolis-within-a-metropolis has a story to tell. Here are some of LA’s best-kept secrets—so keep it to yourself…

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Revitalization Projects Reawaken Downtown Los Angeles

NY Times | 3.5.2019

Los Angeles’s downtown was little more than a sleepy office district not too long ago, where tens of thousands of suburbanites would clear out by the end of the workday and scores of classic Beaux-Arts and Art Deco buildings sat vacant or underutilized....Today, cranes dot the skyline and construction routinely diverts traffic as Downtown Los Angeles — a neighborhood known as DTLA — undergoes the biggest development boom since the Roaring Twenties, when the area was then the center of the entertainment industry.

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The Los Angeles Art Scene Looks to the World

NY Times | 2.28.2019

So as the latest New York Times critic to go spelunking in this city’s museums, galleries, studios and alternative spaces, from Brentwood to Boyle Heights, let me get my verdict out of the way fast. Is Los Angeles, in 2019, the equal of New York as a center for contemporary art? Sure, of course it is.

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Art and Architecture Make Impression in City of Angels

Toronto Sun | 1.26.2019

A visit to the City of Angels extends beyond well-worn tourist areas like Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip in search of “swimming pools, movie stars." What about downtown L.A.? There’s plenty to see and do in the revitalized area in terms of art, architecture, restaurants, bars and shopping.

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Downtown Los Angeles: History, Culture and French Dip in 'DTLA'

USA Today | 12.21.2018

Day 1 of your visit to La La Land will no doubt include the beaches, Hollywood and Rodeo Drive. With those out of the way, now head downtown for culture (the architectural masterpieces Walt Disney Concert Hall and the new Broad museum), history (the century-old Bradbury Building, seen in the original "Blade Runner" film), sports (the L.A. Lakers, Clippers and Kings all play at Staples Center) and a wide array of food, from the Grand Central Market to out-of-the-way taco stands.

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Fodor's Go List 2019

Fodor's | 11.27.2018

Downtown Los Angeles wasn’t always this way. Not long ago, it was a desolate, terrifying land—its old buildings rotting on dirty silent streets, its sidewalks empty by nightfall. But then they arrived: the developers. They promised a manufactured make-believe of New York loft-living at a fraction of the price. What else would you expect in a city of make-believe? And now, more than a decade later, it’s been completely transformed.

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This Massive Mural Being Painted In Downtown Celebrates LA's Diversity — And Could Set A World Record

LAist | 9.10.2018

The space is 60,000 square feet in size — bigger than a football field (the current record-holding mural is in Spain, according to Guiness World Records). It towers above the Pershing Square Metro station at the corner of 5th and Hill streets.

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Finally, MyFigueroa Is Ready to Roll

LA Downtown News | 8.27.2018

With its promise to make bicycling safer and more accessible, the MyFigueroa project has been one of the most anticipated efforts in Downtown. It has also been one of the most delayed, due to construction snafus, neighbor challenges and changes to the overall plan. Now the $20 million streetscape improvement project is reaching the finish line.

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DTLA Goes Gay - Downtown Los Angeles' Surprising Style

The Bay Area Reporter | 8.22.2018

To many gay San Franciscans, taking a weekend trip to Los Angeles has come to mean hanging out in LA-adjacent West Hollywood...But over the past few years, downtown Los Angeles - known as DTLA - has emerged as a new nexus of Southern California queerdom; home to a hipper, grittier, more diverse nightlife, an appealing bounty of cultural offerings, and the pioneering spirit of a community coming into its own. 

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