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Mrs. Field's Cookies

Mrs. Field's Cookies

330 S. Hope St., 90071

Mrs. Field's Cookies

Mrs. Field's Cookies

505 S. Flower St., 90071

MTM Special Ops Watch

1225 S. Grand Ave., 90015

Military & Extreme Sport Watches


269 S. San Pedro St., 90012

Tee shirt store advocating human rights and other nonprofit organizations

Nail Service

244 E. 1st St., 90012

Nail spa - Facials - Waxing - Eyelash extensions - Body massage

Nails on 9th

127 W. 9th St., 90015

Nail salon - Natural nail care

Neihule Salon

Neihule Salon

512 W. 7th St., 90014

Salon - Early morning weekday hours from 6a by appointment - Services include: hair care, skin care, tanning, makeup services, massage

Neihule Salon

Neihule Salon

607 S. Olive St., 90014

Salon - Early morning weekday hours from 6a by appointment - Services include: hair care, skin care, tanning, makeup services, massage

Nina Ricci Boutique

350 S. Grand Ave., 90071

NoA Boutique

374 E. 2nd St., 90012


719 S. Spring St., 90014


At noblita, we feature the latest styles and fashions to flatter every woman’s shape and size. Whether you’re in need of knit wear, non-denim jeans or dresses, you can count on us to provide you with everything you need. Our team of fashion experts works diligently to pair you with looks that complement your lifestyle and personal flair.

Novecento Antiques

Novecento Antiques

910 S. Olive St., 90015


910 S. Broadway , 90015

NYC-based men's and women's clothing, accessories and lifestyle brand. 

Office Depot

401 E. 2nd St., 90012

Olde Good Things

1800 S. Grand Ave., 90015

Architectural antiques, vintage and re-purposed artifacts. We bring quality salvaged items from New York City and surrounds, Argentina and Europe, to mix in with interesting Los Angeles finds. We sell tables, lighting, mirrors, doors, antique hardware, decorative items and much more. Some are in their original form, some re-purposed from industrial and architectural pieces.

Olive Snack and Gift Shop

644 S. Olive St., 90014

Olvera Street

845 N. Alameda St., 90012


Olvera Street is the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles, otherwise known as El Pueblo Historic Monument. The colorful village features 27 historic buildings with a traditional Mexican style plaza area. Wander around the marketplace and shop for souvenirs including handcrafted Mexican wares typical of old Mexico. There are also free docent tours by Las Angelitas.
Stroll through this beautiful street and stop for the popular taquitos or tacos at the outdoor cafes. Olvera Street also offers a variety of traditional authentic Mexican cuisine, with delicious enchiladas, mole and other native dishes. 
On weekends you can enjoy outdoor entertainment by strolling bollero musicians, Mariachis music and performances by Aztec Indians and folkloric dancing. 

Olympic Luggage

750 W. 7th St., 90017



125 W. 4th St., 90013

Furniture. Environments. Graphics. An award winning design studio and furniture manufacturer. - Custom furniture - Web design - Kiosk design - Retail store design

ORTU Leather

1031 S. Broadway, Ste. 211, 90015

We are a supplier of the finest quality raw leathers. We offer a huge selection of leather skins/hides, year round. Our hides come from the best tanners in Italy, France, Spain and Argentina where most of our production and sourcing is done. We are a high volume leather distributor and are located in the USA. We carry most types of hides from lambskin, suede, calf, cowhide, sheepskin, snake, pigskin, kangaroo, etc. Most finishes are available for your project: distressed, perforated, embossed, shiny, glossy, grainy, patent, etc... Whether you are a contractor, designer, craft artist, upholstery artisan, manufacturer, car leather upholsterer or a passionate leather aficionado, we'll always have great leather for your project, at your budget. Visit our warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the Downtown Fashion District, and explore our unique selection of premium leather. For hands on selecting and expert advice on your project, ask Frank, our leather specialist from France (30+ years in the leather business!).

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  • MTM Special Ops Watch|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1604|34.03963299999999|-118.26375259999998|shopping|link_id_3
  • MulTEEpurpose|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=688|34.0476|-118.243|shopping|link_id_4
  • Nail Service|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=698|34.0506|-118.241|health_and_education|link_id_5
  • Nails on 9th|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=699|34.0422|-118.256|health_and_education|link_id_6
  • Neihule Salon|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=702|34.0468|-118.256|health_and_education|link_id_7
  • Neihule Salon|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=703|34.048|-118.254|health_and_education|link_id_8
  • Nina Ricci Boutique|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=713|34.0517|-118.251|shopping|link_id_9
  • NoA Boutique|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=716|34.0477|-118.24|shopping|link_id_10
  • Noblita|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1667|34.044037|-118.25293099999999|shopping|link_id_11
  • Novecento Antiques|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=725|34.0434|-118.258|shopping|link_id_12
  • OAK NYC|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1847|34.0420018|-118.25633399999998|shopping|link_id_13
  • Office Depot|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=730|34.0477|-118.239|shopping|link_id_14
  • Olde Good Things|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1841|34.033855|-118.26722000000001|shopping|link_id_15
  • Olive Snack and Gift Shop|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=740|34.047|-118.255|shopping|link_id_16
  • Olvera Street|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1607|34.057486|-118.2374418|visitor_information|link_id_17
  • Olympic Luggage|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=741|34.048|-118.258|shopping|link_id_18
  • Orange22|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=747|34.0487|-118.248|shopping|link_id_19
  • ORTU Leather|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1828|34.0402817|-118.2584003|shopping|link_id_20 home

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