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Rivera Restaurant

1050 S. Flower St., 90015

Rock'n Fish

800 W. Olympic Blvd., 90015

Rooftop Bar at The Standard, Downtown LA

Rooftop Bar at The Standard, Downtown LA

550 S. Flower St., 90071

Salvage Bar & Lounge

717 W. Seventh St., 90017

Salvage Bar and Lounge is located in the heart of the Financial District of Downtown LA. Salvage has reclaimed abandoned remnants of the historic Roosevelt Residences to create an unparalleled atmosphere of antiquity and chic. The outdoor chateau and backroom luxe-lounge are unrivaled, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the company of your friends with drinks ranging from tap beer to organic cocktails. Come in for amazing happy hour deals, live music, or for a group party or special event later in the evening.

Sam's Hof Brau

1751 E. Olympic Blvd., 90021

Adult club

Senor Fish

422 E. 1st St., 90012

Vegan options available.

Seven Forty

753 S. Spring St., 90014

Three-story nightclub - Two full bars - Bottle service - Private lounges

Seven Grand

Seven Grand

515 W. 7th St., 90014

Seven Restaurant Bar

Seven Restaurant Bar

555 W. 7th St., 90014

Silo Vodka Bar

221 W. 7th St., 90014

"Ice room" upstairs - Bar food

Silver Reign

1616 E. 15th St., 90021

Adult club

Sixth St Tavern

630 W. 6th St., 90013

American bar serving the highest quality pub fare from the mind of Chef Greg Bernhardt

Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club

2020 E. Olympic Blvd., 90021

Adult club

SPiN LA at The Standard Downtown LA

SPiN LA at The Standard Downtown LA

550 S. Flower St., 90071

SPiN Galactic - a galaxy of Ping-Pong social clubs...and by Ping-Pong social club, we mean a place to hang out with your old friends, meet new friends and play Ping-Pong while sipping a cocktail, or eating a snack, or perhaps watching a professional Ping-Pong match on SPiN's Center Court. Created by Franck Raharinosy, Andrew Gordon, Jonathan Bricklin and Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, SPiN is spreading the love of pong across the world. You can currently find SPiN in New York, Milwaukee, Toronto and Los Angeles with SPiN on the Moon anticipated for a summer opening in 2022. SPiN Galactic is happily connecting people from galaxies in all reaches of the known universe. Through SPiN Social, our new social network iPhone application launching later this year, we will be providing the ability to search and challenge new friends to actual games of Ping-Pong anywhere on planet earth. SPiN Social is the world's only online social club directly connected to a network of actual living, breathing, brick and mortar social clubs.

Spitz Doner Kabob

371 E. 2nd St., 90012

Spring Street Bar

626 S. Spring St., 90014

Spring Street Smoke House

640 N. Spring St., 90012

American barbecue offering classic barbecue meats, hickory-smoked from 4-18 hours.

Suede Bar & Lounge

Suede Bar & Lounge

404 S. Figueroa St., 90071

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant

811 Wilshire Blvd., 21st Flr., 90017

Floating 21 floors above Downtown LA's Financial District, Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant serves the highest quality sushi, robata, and Japanese-inspired cuisine in an ultra-modern ambiance, boasting 360 degree views of the city skyline.

Tapas & Wine Bar C

428 E. 2nd St., 90012

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  • Rivera Restaurant|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=359|34.0429|-118.264|dining|link_id_1
  • Rock'n Fish|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=365|34.046|-118.267|dining|link_id_2
  • Rooftop Bar at The Standard, Downtown LA|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=369|34.0498|-118.257|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_3
  • Salvage Bar & Lounge|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=392|34.0483|-118.258|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_4
  • Sam's Hof Brau|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=396|34.0287|-118.24|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_5
  • Senor Fish|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=429|34.049|-118.238|dining|link_id_6
  • Seven Forty|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=430|34.0435|-118.254|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_7
  • Seven Grand|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=431|34.047|-118.256|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_8
  • Seven Restaurant Bar|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=432|34.0472|-118.256|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_9
  • Silo Vodka Bar|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=444|34.045|-118.253|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_10
  • Silver Reign|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=445|34.0241|-118.243|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_11
  • Sixth St Tavern|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1731|34.04135170000001|-118.24380610000003|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_12
  • Spearmint Rhino Gentleman's Club|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=465|34.0265|-118.236|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_13
  • SPiN LA at The Standard Downtown LA|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1677|34.0498545|-118.25694379999999|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_14
  • Spitz Doner Kabob|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=466|34.0482|-118.24|dining|link_id_15
  • Spring Street Bar|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=473|34.0452|-118.251|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_16
  • Spring Street Smoke House|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=475|34.0584|-118.238|dining|link_id_17
  • Suede Bar & Lounge|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=886|34.0527|-118.256|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_18
  • Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=906|34.0498|-118.258|dining|link_id_19
  • Tapas & Wine Bar C|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=909|34.0473|-118.239|nightlife_bars_and_lounges|link_id_20 home

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