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Candolyn's Salon & Day Spa

350 S. Grand Ave., 90071

Caravan Book Store

550 S. Grand Ave., 90071

Carol's Hallmark Shop

750 W. 7th St., 90017

Chado Tea Room

369 E. 1st St., 90012

Chinese American Museum

425 N. Los Angeles St., 90012

CAM is housed inside the oldest surviving Chinese buildings in Southern California. The Museum site stands inside El Pueblo Monument.



225 East 9th Street, 90015

UPS Shipping, packaging, freight, Notary Public, knowledgable staff, and so much more. Founded in 1995, We are the #1 UPS Shipping Outlet in the United States for over 10 years running. We also specialize in domestic & international freight shipping. We have three service centers within Downtown's Districts that service local businesses & visitors to our great city. Please let us know if we can support you in any shipping related matters. or call us at (213) 612-4949. ask for Peter or Richard

LOCATIONS in Downtown L.A.:

Fashion District - 225 East 9th Street - (213)612-4949

Toy District - 619 South Los Angeles Street - (213) 622-2426

San Pedro Wholesale Mart - 1111 Stanford Street - (213) 749-4944

City Central Shoes

312 W. 5th St., 90013

City Target

735 S. Figueroa St., 90017

CityTarget offers urban dwellers, commuters and tourists an edited assortment of Target merchandise, including apparel,accessories and home products, as well as household basics and unique items suited for urban lifestyles.  Located at FIGat7th.

Clark's Gallery

Clark's Gallery

617 S. Grand Ave., 90017

Stop in to enjoy our collection of greeting cards, candles, art, postcards, hand crafted jewelry and more.  Clark's Gallery is a gallery and so much more.

Cleveland Art

110 N. Santa Fe Ave., 90012

Vintage and recycled industrial design for the home, office, and retail setting. - Uses stell, wood, and glass to manufacture selected lines of furniture, lighting, and retail display.

Coast Stationery Co., Inc.

433 S. Spring St., 90013

- Notary public


606 W. Pico Blvd., 90015

Crack Gallery & Boutique

204 W. 6th St., 90014

Curio Los Angeles

125 W. 5th Street, 90013

A new downtown LA boutique for women's and men's contemporary clothing created by multiple independent lines based in different parts of the world. Clothing and jewelry. 

Curt Darling Salon

440 S. Main St., 90013

Curt Darling Salon is a full service salon specializing in the owners unique Darling DryCut along with a full range of hair color and styling services. We offer a fine selection of Organic Hair Care and Beauty treatments featuring Curt Darling Organic Hair Care and Blending Bar where essential oils are infused into our shampoo’s and conditioners in dependence upon the individual needs of our guests. We also carry #4 Vegan Organic Hair Care, ORG Organic Mineral Peel for face and body and Herban body care. Please view out Service Menu and List of Organic Hair Care products.


617 W. 7th St., 90017

Provides Internet security software, utilities and Live PC Support services that work together to ensure maximum safety for consumers in a digital world. CyberDefender develops and markets antispyware/antivirus software and remote, live tech support.

Dalsol Orchid Warehouse

766 San Julian St., 90014


700 S. Main St., 90014

Den.m Bar

Den.m Bar

111 W 7th St, #R3, 90015

At den.m bar, we offer private events that can be hosted in our downtown LA shop. Our private events cater to work functions, clients, friends and family! We can host any group size and will work with you to create this custom experience.

You are the designer and we your co-designers when you host your exclusive event at den.m bar. Our experienced tailor will take you through the process of creating your very own pair of custom jeans from beginning to end. You will have a wide selection of fabrics, accessories, and other customization options at your disposal.We also offer handmade denim accessories (ties, totes, wallets, mobile device covers) to match perfectly with your new pair of jeans. Our selection is truly unique, and everything is handcrafted locally in our downtown Los Angeles workshop.

den.m bar

111 W. 7th St., R3, 90014

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  • Candolyn's Salon & Day Spa|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=213|34.0517|-118.251|health_and_education|link_id_1
  • Caravan Book Store|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=217|34.0489|-118.255|shopping|link_id_2
  • Carol's Hallmark Shop|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=225|34.04775109142373|-118.25845061111448|shopping|link_id_3
  • Chado Tea Room|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=247|34.0495|-118.239|dining|link_id_4
  • Chinese American Museum|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=265|34.0556|-118.239|arts_and_entertainment|link_id_5
  • CITY BUSINESS SERVICES & SHIPPING|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1686|34.0402228|-118.25350909999997|other|link_id_6
  • City Central Shoes|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=281|34.0483|-118.251|shopping|link_id_7
  • City Target|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1674|34.04914553881016|-118.26154980132753|shopping|link_id_8
  • Clark's Gallery|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=295|34.0482704|-118.25569050000001|arts_and_entertainment|link_id_9
  • Cleveland Art|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=298|34.0486|-118.233|shopping|link_id_10
  • Coast Stationery Co., Inc.|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=303|34.0483|-118.249|shopping|link_id_11
  • Colors|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1515|34.0401214|-118.26713469999999|shopping|link_id_12
  • Crack Gallery & Boutique|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=326|34.046|-118.251|arts_and_entertainment|link_id_13
  • Curio Los Angeles|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1792|34.046902|-118.24882530000002|shopping|link_id_14
  • Curt Darling Salon|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1711|34.0471853|-118.24790999999999|health_and_education|link_id_15
  • CyberDefender|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=334|34.0477|-118.257|other|link_id_16
  • Dalsol Orchid Warehouse|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=339|34.0622|-118.241|shopping|link_id_17
  • Dearden's|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=346|34.0436|-118.251|shopping|link_id_18
  • Den.m Bar|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1702|34.0442321|-118.2515512|shopping|link_id_19
  • den.m bar |/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1543|34.04419|-118.25158699999997|shopping|link_id_20 home

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