The new Downtown LA is a an urban center that burns brighter with new energy, activity and creativity with each passing week.
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Castelar Elementary

840 Yale St., 90012

Checkers Spa

Checkers Spa

535 S. Grand Ave., 90071

- Massage therapy - Body treatments - Skin care - Specialized treatments - Spa parties

City Target

735 S. Figueroa St., 90017

CityTarget offers urban dwellers, commuters and tourists an edited assortment of Target merchandise, including apparel,accessories and home products, as well as household basics and unique items suited for urban lifestyles.  Located at FIGat7th.

Courtyard Wellness

Courtyard Wellness

515 S. Flower St., 90071

Chiropractic - Physical therapy - Acupuncture - Massage

CrossFit 213

CrossFit 213

903 S. Hill St., 90015

CrossFit 213 is determined to provide Downtown LA with the most effective, welcoming, encouraging, and motivating gym experience possible. We believe in providing a strength and conditioning program that is constantly varied, intense, and focused on real-life movements that challenge your entire body. You won't spend hours on an elliptical or do sets of bicep curls. Instead, you'll be pushed to become faster, stronger, and more agile. You'll replace fat with muscle and your endurance will reach levels you did not think possible. Not to mention, we ensure you'll have FUN achieving your goals!

Crossfit Mean Streets

Crossfit Mean Streets

265 S. Main St., 90012

We offer Whip Conditioning, a high variety, continuous exertion workout that changes daily to provide entertainment as well as challenge to avid exercisers. All our classes are one hour. CrossFit programming is conducted throughout the day mingling barbell weight training with agility and bodyweight functional movements. Everything varies daily to stimulate each participant with spontaneity, fun and skies the limit on strength, speed and power. Enjoy a community of focused, positive and fitness driven individuals supporting one another in constant improvement. WE PROVIDE A FREE 7-DAYS TO ALL NEWCOMBERS.

Curt Darling Salon

440 S. Main St., 90013

Curt Darling Salon is a full service salon specializing in the owners unique Darling DryCut along with a full range of hair color and styling services. We offer a fine selection of Organic Hair Care and Beauty treatments featuring Curt Darling Organic Hair Care and Blending Bar where essential oils are infused into our shampoo’s and conditioners in dependence upon the individual needs of our guests. We also carry #4 Vegan Organic Hair Care, ORG Organic Mineral Peel for face and body and Herban body care. Please view out Service Menu and List of Organic Hair Care products.


1050 Sunset Blvd., 90012

Large chain store - Departments: - Baby Care - Beauty Care - Cosmetics - Diabetes Care - Eye Care - General Merchandise - Gift Center - Grocery - Health Care - Last Minute Needs - Medical Equipment - Personal Care - Pet Care - Photo/Electro


201 N. Los Angeles St., 90012

Large chain store - Departments: - Baby Care - Beauty Care - Cosmetics - Diabetes Care - Eye Care - General Merchandise - Gift Center - Grocery - Health Care - Last Minute Needs - Medical Equipment - Personal Care - Pet Care - Photo/Electro

Downtown LA Research Center, Inc

1125 W. 6th St., Ste.307, 90017

Clinical Trials Center conducting clinical research in various therapeutic areas.

Downtown LA Vision Center

Downtown LA Vision Center

623 W. 6th St., 90017

Optometric center

Downtown Loft Training

451 S. Main St., 90013

Personal trainers - Trainers come to your location

Downtown Magnets High School

1081 W. Temple St., 90012

Downtown Mind Wellness

Downtown Mind Wellness

811 W. 7th St., Ste. 320, 90017

DMW was created to provide comprehensive mental health therapy services to help you achieve optimal mind wellness. We want to see you live prosperously, securely, and thrive in the urban environment we call Los Angeles. In pursuit of this goal, Dr. Ryan Janis assembled a team of the best trained clinicians to help you achieve the life you want. Their diverse backgrounds and training provide you with an opportunity to find the right match for you.

Downtown Physician's Medical Group, Inc.

801 S. Flower St., 90017

The team of health care professionals at DPMG includes physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, podiatrists,and massage therapists. We use traditional and modern complimentary medicine, to heal, pamper, rejuvenate,and assist.

Dr. Garry Reiger - Optometrist

750 W. 7th St., 90017



633 W. 5th St., 90013



444 S. Flower St., 90071

This urban oasis is located in the historic Bunker Hill area. Group fitness studios, sprawling cardio and strength floors and a serene yoga studio are accompanied by warm walnut wood tones, glossy white glass walls and ceilings, and rich plum accents.

Evoke Yoga

212 W. 7th Street, 90014

Evoke is a chic boutique yoga studio in the heart of Downtown LA. Our studio fits 40 people comfortably and we offer a variety of classes in both heated and non-heated environments. At our downtown facility, you’ll find everything you need to feel at home including changing rooms, restrooms, and cubbies so that you can store your personal items during class. We rent yoga mats, yogi towels, face and hand towels, and sell bottled water to help make your stay at Evoke Yoga fun and convenient. Comes visit us today! All you need to bring is yourself!

Extreme Boot Camp Downtown LA

643 S. Olive St., 90014

Boot camp exercise class - Get a full body makeover in just six weeks with Extreme Boot Camp Downtown LA. Extreme Boot Camp is a fitness program that includes top notch fitness instruction, nutritional coaching, and motivational training.

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  • Checkers Spa|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=255|34.0494|-118.255|health_and_education|link_id_2
  • City Target|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1674|34.04914553881016|-118.26154980132753|shopping|link_id_3
  • Courtyard Wellness|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=323|34.0513|-118.257|health_and_education|link_id_4
  • CrossFit 213|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1845|34.0428896|-118.25745919999997|health_and_education|link_id_5
  • Crossfit Mean Streets|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=328|34.0498|-118.246|health_and_education|link_id_6
  • Curt Darling Salon|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1711|34.0471853|-118.24790999999999|health_and_education|link_id_7
  • CVS/pharmacy|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=332|34.0647292|-118.2487547|health_and_education|link_id_8
  • CVS/pharmacy|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=333|34.0525|-118.243|health_and_education|link_id_9
  • Downtown LA Research Center, Inc|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1838|34.054626|-118.26264900000001|health_and_education|link_id_10
  • Downtown LA Vision Center|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1003|34.0493|-118.257|health_and_education|link_id_11
  • Downtown Loft Training|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1004|34.047|-118.248|health_and_education|link_id_12
  • Downtown Magnets High School|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1005|34.0629|-118.251|health_and_education|link_id_13
  • Downtown Mind Wellness|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1872|34.0491099|-118.259027|health_and_education|link_id_14
  • Downtown Physician's Medical Group, Inc.|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1006|34.0473|-118.261|health_and_education|link_id_15
  • Dr. Garry Reiger - Optometrist|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1007|34.0482|-118.258|health_and_education|link_id_16
  • Educogym|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1024|34.0506|-118.254|health_and_education|link_id_17
  • Equinox|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1643|34.051861|-118.25535000000002|health_and_education|link_id_18
  • Evoke Yoga|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1790|34.044805|-118.2527665|health_and_education|link_id_19
  • Extreme Boot Camp Downtown LA|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1059|34.047|-118.255|health_and_education|link_id_20 home

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