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Johnnie's New York Pizzeria

Johnnie's New York Pizzeria

505 S. Flower St., 90071

Pizzeria - Local favorite - Kid-friendly

Johnny Rockets

131 S. Central Ave., 90012

Hamburger joint - Every Johnny Rockets restaurant boasts great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites including juicy hamburgers, hand-dipped shakes and malts and freshly-baked apple pie. Guests also enjoy an all-American diner look and feel.

Johnny Rockets

445 S. Figueroa St., 90071

Hamburger joint - Every Johnny Rockets restaurant boasts great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites including juicy hamburgers, hand-dipped shakes and malts and freshly-baked apple pie. Guests also enjoy an all-American diner look and feel.

Jose Chiquito

317 S. Broadway, 90013

Traditional American breakfast foods, sandwiches, and gyros

Juice Crafters

Juice Crafters

702 S. Spring Street, 90014

So who are we you might ask!? Juice Crafters is a raw gourmet juice bar that uses 100% all natural ingredients to prepare some of the most amazing freshly pressed juices in the world. We also serve powerhouse smoothies that will bring vitality to your life and introduce you to a completely new lifestyle that delivers better body performance and well-being. Our signature powerhouse smoothies are perfect for feeding your body the nutrients it needs and will leave you feeling lightweight after an amazing workout. We believe in the importance of providing natural holistic wellness and we have extracted nature’s medicine into our immunization juices. Additionally, we offer freshly made yummy juices that will suit anyone's taste buds.

Vegetables enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are known to be a great way to maintain your health and manage your weight; however, juicing at home is not always something you have time for and you may not want to deal with the hassle of stocking all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, we know that implementing proper juicing practices and expertly cleaning your juicer are extremely time consuming tasks for any juicer.

With Juice Crafters, we do all the work and craft fresh and healthy vitamin rich 100% pure juice that you can enjoy any time of the day without the work. We are proud to say that our fruits and vegetables are handpicked by local farmers and delivered daily to guarantee quality and freshness that you can taste with your every sip. Swing by one of Juice Crafters locations to grab a freshly pressed juice made to order.

Our approach at Juice Crafters is simple: live well and be well

Just Baked

555 W. 5th St., 90013

Cupcake shop and bakery

Justice Urban Tavern

Justice Urban Tavern

120 S. Los Angeles St., 90012

Like a small town tavern, Justice is always hopping with people from all walks of life. Our tasty menu of hearty food and craft beers embodies our small town philosophy of keeping it local. Our wines, beers, meats, and produce all come fresh from California breweries, wineries and farms.



404 S. Figueroa St., 90071

Nestled inside the world famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Jyokamachi is an upscale Japanese restaurant.

K-Town BBQ

738 E. 3rd St., 90013

Kabab & More

317 S. Broadway, 90013

Menu includes chicken, fish, and beef kababs as well as Persian stews and more

Kachi Deli Cafe

1001 Wilshire Blvd., 90017

Kacin's Tulip Cafe

628 St. Vincent Ct., 90014


418 E. 2nd St., 90012

Kalbi GoGo

332 S. Broadway, 90013


800 W. Olympic Blvd., 90015

Japanese cuisine, sushi - Premiere sakis - An all-wood interior highlights sexy illuminated photographs, and giant granite boulders topped with flames flank the restaurant's all-glass exterior facade and teak terrace.

KC's Mediterranean Grill

505 S. Flower St., 90071

Kelly's Coffee & Fudge

277 W. 8th St., 90014

Kendall's Brasserie & Bar

135 N. Grand Ave., 90012

Kentucky Fried Chicken

708 S. Broadway, 90014

Kitchen Faire

Kitchen Faire

512 W. 6th St., 90014

High-quality sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, organic drinks, and juices at a fast pace and a medium price.

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  • Johnny Rockets|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1291|34.048|-118.24|dining|link_id_2
  • Johnny Rockets|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1292|34.0527|-118.257|dining|link_id_3
  • Jose Chiquito|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1293|34.0505|-118.249|dining|link_id_4
  • Juice Crafters|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1704|34.0444965|-118.2524932|dining|link_id_5
  • Just Baked|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1296|34.05|-118.253|dining|link_id_6
  • Justice Urban Tavern|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1862|34.0505282|-118.2426489|dining|link_id_7
  • Jyokamachi|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1298|34.0527|-118.256|dining|link_id_8
  • K-Town BBQ|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1322|34.0456|-118.237|dining|link_id_9
  • Kabab & More|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1299|34.0505|-118.249|dining|link_id_10
  • Kachi Deli Cafe|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1300|34.0516|-118.262|dining|link_id_11
  • Kacin's Tulip Cafe|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1301|34.0462|-118.253|dining|link_id_12
  • Kagaya|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1302|34.0473|-118.239|dining|link_id_13
  • Kalbi GoGo|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1303|34.0501|-118.249|dining|link_id_14
  • Katsuya|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1305|34.046|-118.267|dining|link_id_15
  • KC's Mediterranean Grill|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1307|34.0515|-118.256|dining|link_id_16
  • Kelly's Coffee & Fudge|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1308|34.0437|-118.255|dining|link_id_17
  • Kendall's Brasserie & Bar|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1309|34.0578|-118.248|dining|link_id_18
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1310|34.0449|-118.254|dining|link_id_19
  • Kitchen Faire|/0_0_directory_businessDetails.asp?BID=1613|34.0483495|-118.25466|dining|link_id_20 home

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